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Proceedings of the 26th IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Montreal, 2022)

This collection accommodates the papers of the 26th IAHR International Symposium on Ice, which was held during June 19-23, 2022 in Montréal, Canada at the École de Technologie Supérieure (Pavilion E-Maison des Étudiants) in downtown Montréal. The Symposium covers various areas of ice research including river, lake, and sea ice, as well as their impacts on environmental ecosystems.

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ID Title Authors Year
22069 Simulation of a Tsunami-generated Ice Jam in the Mu River
Yasuhiro Yoshikawa; Takaaki Abe
22070 Examination of river ice flow phenomenon in the Abashiri River in March 2020
Honoka Okuyama; Yasuhiro Yoshikawa; Hiroshi Yokoyama
22071 Bonded Particle Simulation of Fragmenting Ice Blocks
Malith Prasanna; Arttu Polojarvi; Mingdong Wei; Jan Astrom
22072 Measurement of crack speed in saline ice using Digital Image Correlation
Waqas Ahmad; Malith Parsanna; Sven Bossuyt; Jukka Tuhkuri
22073 Test setup for compressive loading of confined ice thick sections viewed with in-situ cross-polarization imaging
Cody C. Owen; Tim C. Hammer; Hayo Hendrikse
22074 Fracture and creep of warm and floating columnar freshwater ice under different loading scenarios in the Aalto Ice Tank
Iman El Gharamti; John P. Dempsey; Arttu Polojarvi; Jukka Tuhkuri
22075 Ice impact loads on azimuthing thrusters - small-scale impact tests and analysis
Ilkka Perala; Maria Tikanmaki; Jaakko Heinonen
22076 Two-dimensional simulation of ice-jam floods in the Chaudière River using Delft3D-Ice model
Abdolvahid Mohammadian; Tadros Ghobrial
22077 Ice failure properties in fixed-ends beam test
Aleksey Marchenko; Peter Chistyakov; David Cole; Evgeny Karulin; Marina Karulina; Vladimir Markov; Nataly Marchenko; Alexander Sakharov; Andrey Sliusarenko; Devinder Sodhi
22078 Anisotopic elastic properties of columnar fresh and sea ice
Aleksey Marchenko

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