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Proceedings of the 26th IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Montreal, 2022)

This collection accommodates the papers of the 26th IAHR International Symposium on Ice, which was held during June 19-23, 2022 in Montréal, Canada at the École de Technologie Supérieure (Pavilion E-Maison des Étudiants) in downtown Montréal. The Symposium covers various areas of ice research including river, lake, and sea ice, as well as their impacts on environmental ecosystems.

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ID Title Authors Year
22099 Design of the bearing capacity of landfast sea ice in the Prydz Bay, East Antarctic based on small-scale flexural tests
Qingkai Wang; Zhijun Li; Peng Lu; Bin Tan
22100 Recent Progress towards Improving Ice Control and Ice Resistant Safety Boom Designs
Razek Abdelnour; Matthew Kilmer; Berard Kassis; Elie Abdelnour; George Comfort
22101 A new winter discharge estimation procedure: Yukon proof of concept
Benoit Turcotte; Francois Rainville
22102 Sea and river ice impact on river mouths processes
Elena Dolgopolova
22103 In-situ measurements of anchor ice evolution on the North Saskatchewan River
Jiaqi Yang; Chuankang Pei; Yuntong She; Mark Loewen
22104 Precise field observations and numerical modeling of ice floe movement around concrete revetment in the Abashiri River, Hokkaido, Japan
Takaaki Abe; Hiroshi Yokoyama; Hiroya Ogushi; Yasuhiro Yoshikawa
22105 ICEWEAR Program: Influences on the ice-induced wear of concrete structures in polar marine environments
Anne Barker; Bart Westerveld; Bob Tulp; Stephen Bruneau; Bruce Colbourne
22106 Prediction of summer Arctic sea ice distribution using winter-spring ice motion and ice age
Motomu Oyama; Hajime Yamaguchi; Noriaki Kimura
22107 In-situ characterization of elastic parameters of sea-ice with polarization filtering
Jiahui Gao; Yuxiang Zhang; Zhinan Xie; Dingyi Ma
22108 Modeling of the elastic waveguide of sea ice with temperature and salinity gradients
Dingyi Ma; Yuxiang Zhang; Zhinan Xie; Jiahui Gao; Xueli Sheng

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