2nd Young Professionals Congress | Day 3: Water Management and Sustainable Development (2 December 2021)

2nd IAHR Young Professionals Congress

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Welcome 3rd day: Alteration of spreading processes in natural flows and interaction between waves and vegetation in coastal zones in times of climate change

12:00 - 13:00 CET

The lecture will highlight the effects of the variation of the vegetation density and characteristics, or obstacles, in jet-like flows and in some types of waves, using analytical models and laboratory experiments. In particular, the effects of the presence of obstacles will be highlighted in terms of variation of advective-diffusive processes, main fluid mechanics and turbulence quantities. Several cases will be analyzed, using experimental data from large laboratories of hydraulic physical models, including the LIC - Coastal Engineering Laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Bari (Italy). The analysis will also be extended to large scales, where the effects of the force of Coriolis are not negligible. Similar results will be highlighted for the case of interaction of waves and obstacles.

Michele Mossa

Keynote speaker

Polytechnic University of Bari

Water Resources Management

13:00 - 14:00 CET

  • Hydrological Modelling of the River Owenabue Catchment, County Cork, Ireland
    Rodhraí Crowley, Joe Harrington, Leonard O Driscoll, Juan Tomás García and Juan Manuel García-Guerrero

  • Numerical investigation of the impact of roughness and infiltration in rainfall-runoff experiments
    Yangwei Zhang, Franziska Tügel, Hao Han and Reinhard Hinkelmann

  • Long-term urban river flow water quality and hydrological responses in subtropical climates
    Xuan Pang and Mingfu Guan

  • Assessment and guidelines for the selection of the input data for the numerical modelling of suspended sediment transport in a subtropical reservoir
    Wendy Gonzalez, Frank Seidel, Irina Klassen and Franz Nestmann

  • Simulating roughness heights impact on secondary circulations in ice covered flow
    Samaneh Ebrahimi, Majid Mohammadian and Colin Rennie

  • Clustering and Machine Learning algorithms as tools to support groundwater management in water-stressed areas. Application in the agricultural region of Campo de Dalías (Almería, Spain)
    Miguel Angel Diaz Hurtado, Lupicinio Garcia Ortiz, Francisco Nuñez, Manuel Argamasilla, Jose Manuel Nieto and Damián Sánchez

  • Estimation and mapping soil erosion caused by maximum daily rainfall using GIS and remote sensing techniques in the Tumbaro river basin - San Martin region
    Jhon Walter Gomez Lora, Victor Hugo Gallo Ramos and Katherine Camacho Zorogastúa

  • Adaptation strategies for rice cultivation under climate change in northern Malaysia
    Mok Yi Wen, Zulkafli Zed and Raffar Nurfarhana

Mário Franca


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Flood Risk Management

14:30 - 15:30 CET

  • Two-dimensional flood simulation based on neural network models and geomorphological characteristics
    Pin-Chun Huang

  • Effectiveness assessment of a flood retention lake in response to various flood events
    Haochen Yan and Mingfu Guan

  • Effects of anthropic changes on the propagation of the Gleno dam break wave in the Valle Camonica Floodplain
    Riccardo Bonomelli, Gabriele Farina and Marco Pilotti

  • Shallow water model with heat transfer and variable density for non-Newtonian simulations
    Isabel Echeverribar, Sergio Martínez-Aranda, Javier Fernández-Pato, Reinaldo García and Pilar García-Navarro

  • Calibrating saturated conductivity and soil cohesion in rainfall triggered landslides in the Langhe area (1994)
    Giulia Evangelista, Monica Barbero, Ilaria Butera, Marta Castelli, Pierluigi Claps and Stefania Tamea 

  • Susceptibility Assessment of Debris Flow in Southwest of the Rimac River Basin using Artificial Neural Networks
    César Manuel Sánchez Oré, Jeancarlo Jesus Escalante Paucar and David Alejandro Gonzalez Hinostroza

  • River driftwood as a resource for batteries material production
    Julie Michel, Abdullah F. Qatarneh, Capucine Dupont, Loïc Simonin, Hervé Piégay, Virginia Ruiz-Villanueva and Mario Franca

  • Learnings from an observational campaign for data scarce regions
    Elanchezhiyan Duraisekaran, Krushil Modi and Balaji Narasimha

Yongping Chen


Hohai University

Benjamin J. Dewals


University of Liege

Sustainable Development and Global Water Security

16:00 - 17:00 CET

  • Assessing catchment baseflow and streamflow responses to land cover dynamics using the SWAT model
    Tesfaye Belay Senbeta and Renata Julita Romanowicz

  • Determination of the concentration of total suspended solids in urban wastewater by means of spectrophotometry-based genetic algorithm models
    Daniel Carreres-Prieto, Juan T. García Bermejo, José M. Carrillo and Luis Castillo

  • Exploratory Analysis of Planet Data to Identify HABs in Small Arizona Reservoirs
    Vineeth Manthapuri, Rebecca L Muenich and Matthew Scholz

  • Hydrologic response to land use land cover changes in the Upper Vilcanota River Basin, Peru
    Pedro Cahuana and Pedro Rau

  • Chatacterization of droughts in the Quilca-Chili Basin, Peru using the standardized precipitation index (SPI)
    Michell Fernández and Ivana Escate

  • Influence of the inter-annual variation in the vegetable coverage in the Chicama River Basin, La Libertad- Perú, with SWAT modeling
    Kithner Espinoza Varillas, David Yaranga Lázaro and Fernando Prudencio Paredes

Roger Falconer

Roger Falconer


Emeritus Professor

Roundtable on the Young Professionals Network management

Daniel Valero


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Michael Nones


Polish Academy of Sciences

In this session, YPN members can meet to share experiences and learn from each other. Several selected invited YPNs will present their activities and be open to questions, including: 


YPN members will be able to brainstorm and debate, thus providing a platform for planning of future activities and exploring synergies across borders. 

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