ID Title Authors Year
2802 Delta Formation in Reservoirs of Run-of-River Hydropower Plants in Gravel Bed Rivers – Experimental Studies with Nonuniform Sediments
Helmut Habersack, Christoph Hauer, Petr Lichtneger, Johannes Schobesberger, Kevin Reiterer, Thomas Gold, Christine Sindelar
2801 Advanced Assessment of Sediment Characteristics Based on Rheological and Hydro-Acoustic Measurements in a Brazilian Reservoir
Stephan Hilgert
2800 Derivation of a Hydro-Acoustic Sediment Classification Methodology from an Extensive Dataset of Six Reservoirs
Stephan FUCHS, Stephan Hilgert, Klajdi Sotiri
2799 Design of the New Spillway for the Panama Canal
Andres Marulanda Escobar, Camilo Marulanda, Jose Fernando Castano, Omar A. Vargas
2798 Effects of Weir with an Opening on Bed Configuration and Flow Structure
Une Hirotaka, Terunori Ohmoto
2797 On the Experimental Assessment of De Marchi’s Discharge Coefficient for Inclined Side Weirs: Transfer Functions for the Application of Alternative Methods
Anna Rita Scorzini
2796 Study on Relationship Between Lateral over Flow and Its Location of Lateral Weir in Curved Channel
Tatsuya Shiromizu, Hajime Shirozu, Nobuyuki Kawamoto, Koji Asai
2795 Nonlinear Pls Method for Subcritical Flows over Sharp-Crested Rectangular Side Weirs
Mohammad Parvaneh, Hadi Sadeghian, Mohammad R. Jalili, Ali Parvaneh
2794 Discharge Characteristics of Triangular Labyrinth Side Weirs (with Inclined Bed) Located on a Straight Channel
Hadi Sadeghian, Mohammad Parvaneh, Mohammad Ali. Nekooie, Ali Parvaneh

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